Concierge Insurance Group (CIG) officially launched in March 2018 as an adjunct advanced sales high-touch high-service division of VIP Insurance, to serve a combination of registered investment advisory firms, independent life or commercial property casualty agencies and bank wealth departments. The CIG team was established to identify needs, analyze alternatives and present and implement solutions for its advisor’s most revered highly-affluent individual and business clients. CIG’s mission extends into the case management phase with a high service standard mandate which begins upon initial notification of a new CIG case through final placement of the business.


VIP Insurance was founded in 2003 with a vision of being the premier outsourcing partner to banks, broker-dealers, financial advisors, registered representatives and property/casualty firms. It serves as the sales partner, distribution and processing center, and marketing organization to aide in the sales of insurance products used in financial planning. These products include: life insurance, fixed annuities, long-term care insurance and disability insurance. Operating under two simple yet effective principles: service and relationships, VIP Insurance remains one of the fastest growing brokerage agencies in the country. It is an experienced team comprised of over forty(40) professional staff members, with its home-office in Austin, Texas.

VIP is a partner agency in LIBRA, a national marketing organization of highly sophisticated and productive brokerage agencies that has grown to be the nation’s leader in independent marketing for life, fixed annuities, long-term care insurance, disability insurance and wealth transfer insurance products. Many of LIBRA’s services are proprietary and were developed and made available only to its partner firms and their clients.


LIBRA is the premiere insurance brokerage organization (IMO) committed to delivering support to its partner firms. This support translates into high-end advisor and consumer value through its unparalleled insurance carrier relationships, concierge services, competitive insurance solutions and more. LIBRA provides its partner firms and producers with critical information and tools to back up recommendations made to the end user, something others may purport to do, but often fall short.


  • To thoroughly understand and care about its partner firms, their producers and their clients.
  • To foster deep, long-standing relationships, helping to ensure the best possible consumer experience.
  • To maintain and leverage differentiated relationships with highly-rated insurance carriers.
  • To act as a business development consultant, not just a provider of insurance products.
  • To obtain the most favorable underwriting decisions possible.
  • To provide prompt responses throughout the sales and underwriting process.
  • To provide its partner firms with the latest proprietary resources and support allowing producers to spend more time with consumers doing what they do best: providing trusted advice and delivering the highest level of value to clients.