Why Choose Us


We aspire first and foremost to be active listeners, in the moment, undistracted, carefully processing information we are hearing, to most effectively respond. This foundation allows us to be emotionally aware of deeper meanings, and if barriers exist, to create a bond of trust in which a more comfortable and open dialogue may continue. Our business is intimate, and transparency and trust are its foundation.

With the complexities that numbers and financial jargon bring, we engage in a “keep it simple” mission when presenting solutions. This does not mean that we cut corners or remain shallow in knowledge – quite the contrary. It means we tirelessly study the most complex issues, we sharpen our ax, and then, we deliver our message, respectfully, and in clear concise simple terms.

Finally, we strive to not leave people hanging or jumping to their own conclusions. We understand the importance of delivering information, actionable steps, and outcomes, in a timely and complete fashion, so that all involved have the same clear message.


We are uniquely positioned, under the umbrella of a large marketing organization, and its affiliations with dozens of insurance companies. We do not rely solely on our expertise and experience in the marketplace, but also that of legal, tax and insurance experts within the towers of some of the best carrier names in the industry. Not everyone can gain this sort of access, and even when they can, often many do not take advantage of the depth of knowledge at their disposal. By leveraging our relationships, we can resource and move a case efficiently from the design stage, through underwriting, and on to implementation and placement.

Just as you must remain a fiduciary to your client, we too hold ourselves to be the same to you. High net worth individuals and business owners demand a work product that proves to them that the solutions presented were analyzed and narrowed to the most competitive for their stated need. They also want to know that you are affiliated with a team that can and will advocate for them toward the most favorable underwriting result. We encourage and push our carrier partners to sometimes reassess a decision and to always bring the greatest flexibility possible to their offers. We leverage our highly-credentialed internal underwriter to assist in this endeavor. The strength of our team is proven in our multiple successful outcomes.


We walk into any new or existing relationship understanding that you have worked hard to establish your brand and culture, both internally and with your established and prospective clients. We consider the impressions that you have already made within your financial services’ specialty to be paramount to your continued success in the marketplace. We aim to enhance the depth of your brand by conducting ourselves professionally with responsiveness and respect. This begins and ends always with an open dialogue of expectations from and with each other, and clear communication along the way. We do not expect you to have expertise in complex insurance solutions – we will bring this extension to your firm – in return we look to you to be both a strong partner with us and advocate for your client in pursuit of closing gaps in their plan that an insurance solution solves.